My Journey with Clay

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    Belinda Nailon

    BFA. Ceramics. 2000 | Dip.ED Fine Arts. 2001

    Studio based in St Kilda, Melbourne

    Belinda's work is a reflection of a deep connection to the elemental world, the meditative qualities of throwing and exploring her environment. Every piece she makes is infused with sense of an awakening, as she invites her viewers to slow down and begin to notice the magic within...


    "In the late 90s, amid the mountainous landscapes of my adolescence, I found myself in the back of my dad's ambulance (tool van), enroute to a city job. As the corrugated road hummed beneath us, I slipped into a familiar trance state. 'Who am I?' I chanted, seeking clarity.
    In that suspended moment, reality unraveled. A gentle touch on my cheek opened my eyes to golden rivers swirling in a sphere in a vast, black expanse. Complete wholeness and love engulfed me. Emerging from the trance, the sensation lingered—an indelible reminder.
    My art is a journey from city (construct) to country (space) and back, navigating uncertainty while reaching for the golden rivers of connection. Join me in exploring the layers beneath the surface of who we are in this human vessel"

    Belinda has a strong academic background, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics and a Diploma of Education. Over the past two decades, she has taught in many educational settings, while also exploring different mediums in her own artistic practice. Her work has been exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions in London and Australia.

    Having grown up in rural Australia and spending 14 years in London, Belinda draws inspiration from both natural and urban environments. Her studio is now based in the vibrant neighbourhood of St Kilda, just a short distance away from the ocean. This location allows her to still connect with the natural beauty of the ocean while also being immersed in the energy and bright colour palette of St Kilda.

    As a teacher, Belinda strives to create a welcoming environment that fosters mindfulness, relaxation and technical appreciation. Her wish is to inspire others to find a sense of peace in the act of throwing and to fall in love with the process.
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