My Journey with Clay

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    Belinda Nailon

    BFA. Ceramics. 2000 | Dip.ED Fine Arts. 2001

    Based in St Kilda, Melbourne

    I like the process of working in clay, especially sitting at the wheel and spinning out all sorts of shapes which speak to me, from domestic wares and fine art forms for alternative firing processes such as Raku.

    I can be poetic, esoteric and very philosophical about this and perhaps this might serve to amplify the glamour of working with clay, but really, it’s messy and I often look like a wild woman after a session on the wheel. And I think that’s why it feels so good, you get to come back to the essence of who you are. You put your hands into the earth, allow yourself to get mucky, let the world fall away and then the clay becomes a new object in space which didn't exist before. Transformation, just like that.
    To me this is one of the simplest forms of magic. I don’t want to complicate this with too many words, or layers of meaning, but the whole clay process is fascinating in its absolute ordinariness. You get to hangout with the elements and alchemise all the time with one of those most humble materials on the planet.
    Super fast snap of my journey to now - I grew up in rural Australia and spent 14 years in London making, teaching and exhibiting. I am inspired by wild ruggedness fused with elegance, its the kind of juxtaposing elements I love to play with. My studio is currently based in the funky vibes of St Kilda, just a short distance away from the ocean.
    As a teacher, I hope to create welcoming environment, that embraces mindfulness, relaxation and technical appreciation (oh and some laugh).


    If you have any questions or would like to embark on your ceramic journey with me, please don't hesitate to reach out via email or phone. I look forward to guiding you on your artistic endeavors.


    Warm regards,


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