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Going Deeper Exhibition

· In the Clay Field

Thrilled to be one of the 33 artists featured in the Going Deeper Exhibition in collaboration with Barbara Van Develde. Our exhibit delves into the unique journey of two artists, 'dialing in' over two years, responding freely to question prompts. The result is a dynamic exploration of our shared creative process, capturing the essence of our evolving perspectives. Excited to share this collaborative endeavor that delves into the depth of our artistic connection, the exhibit reflects the transformative power of sustained creative exploration. Join us on this immersive journey as we unveil our piece at the exhibition.

Dialling In, Stoneware clay, terra sigillata, oxides, copper wire, steel thread and washers, hand spun wild Tussar silk yarn, rayon thread, Obsidian stone, paper, pine needles, H67 x W52 x D13 cm. By Belinda Nailon and Barbara Van Develde
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