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Stable Grenade

Group Exhibition: open heART, open MIND 14th of Sep - 12 of Oct

· In the Clay Field

My works are a response to the below Upstairs 22 Gallery presents Open heART, Open MIND, in recognition of mental health awareness day (10 October 2019). This is an exhibition based on Georges Braque's quote, "Art is a wound turned into light." 

Artists -

Douglas Stewart, Connie Burns, Carley Harris and Belinda J Nailon

14/09/2019 - 11/10/2019

Exhibition Title: The Stable Grenade


Raku firing

Drawing inspiration from the shapes of Hand Grenades used during the Vietnam War, these ceramic forms hold a personal significance as my father served in Vietnam. The chosen style becomes a poignant homage, an exploration of the emotional terrain linked to my family's history.

Within this collection, each piece stands as a physical paradox—an intricate representation of the human psyche. They embody both destructive potential and profound compassion, exhibiting traits of explosiveness alongside stability, chaos intertwined with order, and a harmonious blend of the ugly and the exquisite.

These vessels, crafted with intention, serve as a visual exploration of the dual nature within us all. The Raku surface, radiating with beauty, beckons viewers to appreciate its aesthetic allure. Simultaneously, the shadows cast by these forms invite contemplation of the vessel's darker aspects. The collection serves as a reflection of the concealed complexities within our own natures, often obscured by the constructs of societal conformity. It is my hope that viewers will engage with both the surface beauty and the nuanced shadows, prompting a deeper contemplation of the inherent duality within themselves.

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