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‘Making Time’

Upstairs 22 Bar Gallery (25/04/2019 - 24/05/2019)

· In the Clay Field

Making Time

Within my current artistic endeavors, I delve into the realms of form, surface, and balance. The quest is to find harmonious resolutions where the body of the ceramic piece seamlessly aligns with the glaze. However, I am equally driven by the desire to instill an inquisitive tension—a magnetic pull that beckons further exploration.

In this particular collection, I embark on a journey through time, playing with the concept of "making it." The pieces serve as visual metaphors for hourglasses, capturing the delicate essence that traverses through the funnel of awareness.

As the pieces unfold, the underlying theme echoes poetic verses:

"Time is a border

A boundary for the soul

Time is a vessel

And the content will dissolve"

These words encapsulate the profound relationship between time, the vessel of existence, and the ephemeral nature of its contents. Each ceramic creation within this collection becomes a tangible expression of this exploration, inviting viewers to contemplate the fluid dance between form and temporality.

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